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Meet The 'Spits

The Sandspits Band Surfing

Jack Vitek and Lucas Erickson met in high school at a time when both of them were just beginning to find an appreciation for music. Over the years, they played music together in Jack's basement and played in different bands, before finally conceptualizing The Sandspits in December of 2020. Shortly after, they released two double-sided singles: "The Haunted West" in February 2021, and "Dead Fellow" in June 2021. Satisfied with their entry into the scene, The Sandspits began working on their first full-length album, adding Abby Neal and Nilav Maulik to the roster. Since the release of their album, "Save Trestles," in October 2021, they've been skyrocketing to the top of the local San Luis Obispo music scene, amassing more than 30,000 streams on the album alone and packing venues and backyards with upwards of 500 people at a time.


Jack Vitek


Lucas Erickson


Abby Neal


Nilav Maulik

Jack is the prettiest drummer ever if you bring him a joint and Jamba Juice he'll grant you a wish.

He attends classes at Musicians' Institute in LA which means he's a sick ass drummer and we can crash his place in Hollywood once in awhile.

Lucas is the "primary vocalist" of the group, not because he's the best, but because of his killer comedy routine that distracts the crowd from Nilav's wah pedal coming unplugged. He is also on episode 493 of One Piece.

Abby has been in and out of bands for the last six years playing anything from keys to guitar. Moving to California, she was eager to get back in the music scene and started a new career as a token female bassist. She loves getting recognized from the band the most often and hearing the phrase "I love a chick on bass".


Dubbed "Prince Nini," Nilav can be found laying down sick guitar solos, pulling attratcive dames with his incredibly melodic crooning, and absolutely doing anything possible to avoid carrying his heavy amplifier to the gigs.


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